What is the Inference?

  • Inference is a readers/listener logic on responding or understanding a meaning on a sentence that exressed biwriter/speaker.
  • Inference happens if the process that has to be done by listener/reader to understand which is literally not present in the discourse expressed by the speaker or writer. Listener or reader is required to understand the information (mean) the speaker or writer.
  • The example of Inference:
  • Picasso is in the museum
  • That phrase can be concluded that Pablo Picasso artworks are exhibited in the museum, not Pablo Picasso as human that is exhibited in the museum.
  • We saw Shakespeare
  • The context of that sentence refers to the literary works of a theater or a play of William Shakespeare which is seen in London, so “We” (the person’s) see the literary work of a Shakespeare writer.
  • A: Where is Andrea Hirata that you borrow yesterday?
  • B: Sorry, it seem it left at home
  • From the context of the above sentence, what mean to be Andrea Hirata is a literary work created by a person named Andrea Hirata. Not people named Andrea Hirata that borrowed, but a book by Andrea Hirata that being borrowed.
  • Jennifer is wearing Calvin Klein
  • This sentence means that Jennifer wears the product of the of a fashion designer named Calvin Klein, not a Calvin Klein as person that worn by Jennifer.
  • So the conclusion of the inference is response / listener or reader feedback in response to the sentence that the writer or speaker who delivered the sentence context that is not described in detail, and not directly, but they have to understand what is not presented in detail or indirectly. The logic of a person in understanding the sentence given by the speaker, although the context of the sentence is not directly, but the listener is required to understand the sentence intended by the speaker.

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